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Exhibitors: Informations WHEELS & WAKE

Hello from the beach

We are pleased that you are interested in WHEELS & WAKE. Below you will find some information and the possibility to register as an exhibitor.

A note in advance: we do not want to make a surplus with the fees/prices listed below, we just want to cover our own costs for renting the pavilions and printing the program booklet.


WHEELS & WAKE Ausstellerpavillon
Schematischer Aufbau WHEELS & WAKE
WHEELS & WAKE Zirkus/Eventzelt







It is important to us to keep the „beach look“ of our event, which is why we use uniform pavilions for exhibitors, which we have to rent ourselves. Your advantage: The pavilions are available in ready-made for you.

The WHEELS & WAKE takes place from Thursday evening (beach BBQ) – Sunday. For the first time in 2023, a kind of double event will take place on Friday: Qualifying for the NETHEN 1/32 mile in the NETHEN Beach Club, FLATTRACK race in Moorwinkelsdamm, 20km away. Since 90% of our ticket sales also includes the FLATTRACK tickets, we assume that most visitors will be in Moorwinkelsdamm on Friday.

WHEELS & WAKE takes place at the NETHEN Beach Club, near Oldenburg: Bekhauser Esch 170, 26180 Rastede, https://beachclub-nethen.de/.


You are welcome to occupy your pavilion from Thursday. But since we know that every day means more effort and costs for you. The core days are at Beachclub Nethen on Saturday and Sunday. So we are relaxed if you want to clear the pavilion during the course of Friday or Saturday morning. IMPORTANT: The vehicles must have left the WHEELS & WAKE site by 10:45 am on Saturday!

The pavilions are built in a circle on the WHEELS & WAKE site (see sketch above), so that they form a kind of „village square“ around the main event, where the most beautiful motorcycles are exhibited, the motorcycles are presented and the award ceremony also takes place. So all the pavilions are roughly the same distance from the action. In the evening, the „village square“ is illuminated with fairy lights. The site is guarded at night. The pavilions have side walls and can be closed. The sandy area can be driven on for deliveries to the pavilions.


For the first time in 2023 we would like to print a WHEELS & WAKE program booklet. There we will present all the individual events, the drivers and much more. We are also happy to print your contact details / your advertisements there so that the visitor can still get to you after the event. We would be pleased if you would support the printing of the program booklet with an advertisement. Every income is invested in increasing the circulation in order to be able to reach more motorcyclers.

Another tip: Jo Fischer, an internationally renowned portrait photographer, will have his own pavilion, take portraits and publish an illustrated book. maybe something for you too?

Since a motorcycle event is heavily dependent on the weather, we unfortunately cannot give you any binding information on the number of visitors. In advance sales we have currently sold 30% more than last year at the end of the sales phase.

Another tip: Since we know from our own experience that both visitors and exhibitors want to go home early on the last day, WHEELS & WAKE will end on Sunday afternoon after the end of the NETHEN 1/32 mile finals.


Prices at a glance:

Pavilion/pagoda: size 5x5m without floor €325, with floor €399 net / electricity: €25 / advertisement for program €50

Once again the note: These are our own costs.

If you have any questions: Jens, Tel. 0172-7060792 or email jens@wheelsandwake.de

If we have convinced you, you can register as an exhibitor at the bottom of the page:

If you want to book another camping possibility near the site, please enter here: Nethen Camp



Registration exhibitors WHEELS & WAKE – Motorcycle Days at the Beach.











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