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Information for FLATLAND 360 riders

Hello dear friend, dear friend,

Thank you again for attending the WHEELS & WAKE FLATTRACK FRIDAY NIGHT.

Below you will find all information for the race day:

Date: Friday, September 8th, 2023

Time table:

Opening paddock stadium entrance 09:30 a.m

ATTENTION: Cars/trailers/transporters have to leave the paddock again after unloading due to lack of space!

– Document collection 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m

– Technical control from 11:00 a.m

– Driver briefing 1:30 p.m

– Compulsory training at 2:00 p.m

– Official entry for spectators at 3:00 p.m

– Race start at 4:00 p.m

– Race ends around midnight

IMPORTANT: During our training days, we experienced that there were some cancellations at short notice. Of course, this can always happen and has hardly any relevant effects during training. In a race, however, the situation is different: According to the registrations, groups and races are divided up and the head schema is written. We therefore ask you to let us know directly if you do NOT want to hold on to your registration anymore.

Emails to: jens@wheelsandwake.de or Tel. 0172-7060792

1. Necessary documents for the MSC Moorwinkelsdamm. The documents must be presented at the document inspection:

A. Please bring the original „Clubsport Nennung“ (we will send it to you by email) with you on the day of the race. The waiver of liability is integrated in the „Clubsport Nennung“.

B. For the race you need a so-called DMSB RACE CARD (or alternatively a (permanent) DMSB license). The DMSB Race Card is very easy to get online for € 25:

Please click on this link or call up the website: https://mein.dmsb.de/web/start

and click on „register now“ if you have not yet registered with the DMSB.

Register as a driver/competitor

Please enter the following as event name: FLATLAND 360

IMPORTANT: Ideally, please email the documents to nennung@mscm.de and bring them PRINTED out with you. The organizer of the race is the MSC Moorwinkelsdamm. Without the above-mentioned documents: no participation possible!

3. Technical regulations FLATLAND 360.

IMPORTANT: The organizer of the race is the MSC Moorwinkelsdamm, which also carries out the technical inspection!

– Safety clothing is mandatory: protectors, boots, gloves, certified full-face helmet

– Removing the front wheel brake or removing the brake lever is sufficient

– Kill switch/rip cord mandatory

– To protect the track, no motocross tires are allowed.

– Maximum gap between the studs: 50% of the stud width or length

– Maximum tread depth 8mm

– Easy to read race numbers on the front and both sides of the motorcycle.

– silencer! For the MSC Moorwinkelsdamm, the acceptance of the neighborhood is of great importance. Please make sure that the volume of your motorcycles is within normal limits. The MSC reserves the right to shut down drivers from the race if the volume is too high.

Overnight stay from Thursday to Friday: You can park your vehicles and spend the night in the MSC parking lot. Alternatively, you can use the car park/campsite at the WHEELS & WAKE site, 20 km away

BEACHCLUB NETHEN, Bekhauser Esch 170, 26180 Rastede

On Thursday evenings there is a (chargeable) BBQ on the beach.

ATTENTION: Since we need the space for the event, NO cars or vans are allowed to remain on the premises. These must be parked outside the square immediately after unloading your equipment.

Race scheme:

You can find the race schedule for the FLATTRACK FRIDAY NIGHT here: https://wheelsandwake.de/rennschema-flattrack-friday-night-2023/

Please check again whether all your information is correct and whether we have assigned you correctly!

We recommend that you take a screenshot and print it out on DIN A4 and stick your class with your starting places on the machine. Example: 1/1 means starting place first row, front left.

Starting procedure: traffic light start

Address: MSC Moorwinkelsdamm / Linsweger Weg 16 / 26345 Bockhorn



Directions / van parking / overnight stays / showers / payment:

On the aerial photo (see below) the entrance to the site can be seen in the top left corner. In the picture above the oval is the paddock. There are 18 permanently installed boxes that can be used by 2 drivers each. Parallel pavilions can be set up opposite these permanently installed boxes.

The vehicles can be parked on THURSDAY in the MSC car park (on the aerial photo below the oval). You can also stay overnight there. There is a shower available on the premises. These can be used from Friday to Saturday 11:00 a.m. ATTENTION: The rest of the WHEELS & WAKE program on Saturday and Sunday will no longer take place in Moorwinkelsdamm, but in the BEACHCLUB NETHEN, about 20km away.

Stadium MSC Moorwinkelsdamm

You can spend the whole weekend near the beach club in the „Riders Camp“. Registration is required for this: https://wheelsandwake.de/riderscamp/

Emergency number: Jens: 0172-7060792

The field of participants of the FLATTRACK FRIDAY NIGHT 2023 can be found here: Starter field FLATTRACK FRIDAY NIGHT 2023

One last note: We would be very happy if you would still be there on Saturday/Sunday. All information about WHEELS & WAKE can be found here: W ⚓️ W Timetable

We will have our own FLATTRACK tent on the actual W&W site so that interested parties can find out more. It would be nice if there were a few flat trackers there (an additional ticket is required for this, which we will distribute on Friday)

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